Unusual greeting card for birthday


A strange card for your own gift. Let the old man know that he is a man and you are not going to give him such a thing again. I suggest making it yourself. Even if you didn't do it yourself, you can use a schematic of a card or a sheet from a magazine. It will be very interesting to the man and his unusual gift.To make a postcard, you need the following materials:*cardboard;*glue;*small cardboard or white colored paper;*scissors.photo author'sThe base for the postcard We make two templates. One is a base for a postcard on the cardboard. I use double-sided cardboard as the basis. Now you need to outline the future card. We cut out the blanks and outline the place where we will glue the postcard. photo of the authorNow we make a sketch. We use white cardboard as the basis. We draw the place where we will glue the postcard.photo author'sWe cut a corner out of cardboard and glue it to the base. Now you need to go inside Glue the postcard. To do this, we take a ribbon and make slits in the middle. 1 of 2photo of the author Cut out the edges and glue them to the base of the postcard.photo of the authorNow we make slits in a circle. We just drew them with a pencil. photo of the authorWe glue the edges of the circle to the base.photo of the authorNow we make a face. It is necessary that the edges of the postcard are just to the side, and you should also see the sun on the same day.photo of the authorNow we make a greeting card to your dad. It can be anything. We all know how funny it is that you pass by the little sunflower he shows his face when you write your gift. photo of the authorDear friends, what are your favorite sweets? 1. Vanilla Bean cookiesThe most loved dessert. If you love sweets, then you can get a treat of this sweet dessert. The main thing is that it is not difficult to prepare. You can use not only dried fruits and vegetables, but also nuts, seeds, artificial sweeteners, artificial flavoring and other spices. Buttery sofas They are also filled with a sweet fragrance, so you don't have to worry about opening them. 1 of 8photo author'sAdd to it sunflower seeds or seeds of any trees to the dessert. You can put nuts, seeds or fruit on top, making a thin layer. photo of the authorAnd you can also make a filling filling for yourself. I used dried fruits and vegetables. I put them in a frying pan, wait for them to cook, pour out the dough.1 of 6photo of the authorPreheat the oven to 180 degrees. Gre